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Official Commissioning of SDF2-funded Maydh Jetty

27 December 2022

Today, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development officially opened the Maydh jetty in the Sanaag region. The construction of the 165 m meter Maydh Jetty December 2020 and was completed in May 2022. It was funded by the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF).

Two decades ago, Maydh was a booming town in eastern Somaliland with a small wooden port jetty, fishing and importing goods. Unfortunately, this wooden jetty collapsed and with it went the booming commercial centre that Maydh was known for. This resulted in suffering by many residents who relied on fishing activities as well as ongoing import and export of goods.

The 165-meter-long jetty can dock two large boats with a capacity of 100 tons as well as numerous fishing vessels. The dock structure allows big trucks to load and unload from docked boats.

Governor of Sanag DTL SDF Secretariat MoPND Minister MoLFD Minister and MESAF minister cutting the ribon for the official opening of Maydh Jetty

Operationalization of the Maydh jetty is expected to bring Maydh back to the vibrant commercial center that it was and even beyond. It will improve sea interconnectivity between Maydh and Berbera for over 750,000 people living in the hinterland of Sanaag, Sool, and parts of Togdheer. The jetty provides for robust and reliable landing and mooring infrastructure which allows larger vessels to dock. This will facilitate fish transport to markets and shipping of other goods hence improving trade in Maydh and the hinterland of Sanaag region.

The Construction of Maydh Jetty Project is complemented by SDF investments aimed at supporting artisanal fisheries activities in Maydh and Hiis. Maydh has been identified as one of several ports and harbors for development under NDP2. The twin activities of the construction of the jetty and support to artisanal fishers is therefore a significant step forward for Somaliland's blue economy. 

Dr Buhane Minister MoPND

Speaking at the official opening of the jetty, H.E. Saed Sulub Mohamed, Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development, talks about their plans for the jetty “We're not stopping there; we're already working on expanding it. The design is almost complete. Today, we will also lay the foundation stone for the administration blocks required for the jetty to function properly”.

The Minister for Planning and National Development, Dr Ahmed Aden Buhane in his remarks thanked the SDF development partners (UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway) for their generosity and commitment towards uplifting Somaliland’s economy through government-led projects such as the Maydh jetty. The Minister of Planning, who also serves as the Chairperson of the SDF Joint Steering Committee, also said “SDF funded significant projects in this region, including this project, the rehabilitation, medical supplies, and equipping of the Erigavo General Hospital, the Dayaha Boarding School, the tree planting project for Daalo Resort, and a new project to support the artisanal fishermen in Maydh, Laasurweyn, and Xiis”.

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