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Interested in working with SDF?

The SDF provides business opportunities for businesses and individual consultants to work as implementing partners on SDF-funded projects. The SDF follows a competitive procurement process. The SDF Procurement Manual provides the overall policy, procedures and guidance required to manage the procurement activities of the Somaliland Development Fund

Where do I get information about opportunities?

Information about all SDF opportunites is posted on this website. So be sure to visit regularly to see if anything new is coming up.

However there are no open opportunities at present.


The Complaints Procedure is part of the SDF Procurement Manual (Chapter 8). When a candidate, tenderer or applicant believes to have been adversely affected by an error or irregularity allegedly committed as part of a selection procedure or procurement, or that the procedure was violated by any misadministration, they may file a complaint to the SDF Secretariat clearly stating the complaint. The basis of the complaint shall be how the person was adversely affected and not to merely obtain a second evaluation or express disagreement with the final award decision. The channel for reporting of complaints shall be a written submission to the SDF Fund Manager through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The SDF Fund Manager shall investigate the complaint and respond within 15 working days. If the candidate, tenderer or applicant is not satisfied with the answer received, they may refer the issue to the attention of Joint Steering Committee for further consideration. Transparency being one of the key pillars of procurement at SDF, each complaint shall receive due attention and prompt resolution. In the procurement section of the quarterly report to JSC, SDF Secretariat shall include a report of complaints raised, how they were resolved or measures taken, time taken to resolve complaints and any pending complaints or issues.